About Me

Hello! My name is Evan Lace, AKA “Lace CreationZ.” I established Lace CreationZ in 2015 and it's by far one of the best decisions I have ever made! I started doodling as a kid and eventually started painting as I got older and in time decided to showcase my art to the public at various events where I meet other people with similar interests and create bonds and connections with all sorts of people from a variety of different walks of life. 
I would describe my style of art as pop art with a psychedelic twist which I find distinguishable from many other artists around me. I employ a style that people can easily relate to and that I also enjoy as well. I like to make my art humorous for the most part because humor is a great way to relate to people and get to know them and bring out the best in them, also laughter is the best medicine and making others laugh is a great way to heal one another and at the same time inspire them through creativity because I believe everyone has a creative mindset within them.
Some of my artwork is activist work that I employ humor into in order to make the message easily receptive to audiences as I would like to inspire and motivate others to help save the world around them. I continue attending events to showcase my art and live paint and I’ve learned most importantly that what I do brings people together and empowers one another to spread love and light to the entire world!